About Us

Professional Men’s Toastmasters 624: A Rich History-

We have focused on professional development since our founding in 1957 – creating competent speakers and leaders.  We believe in self-fulfilling prophecies – aim high and you’ll behave accordingly.  Whether you are 28 or 88, we expect members to bring their ‘A’ game. We are a tribe. That means we hold each other accountable- we expect you to actively participate and enhance the club experience with your unique background and you should demand that of us.


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Our “secret sauce” is recognizing that everyone has the opportunity to improve regardless of their level of experience. We all improve our skills each meeting by respecting each other – fostering a fun, courteous, and supportive learning environment.

You’ll notice that our meetings are well-organized and respectful of time – a hallmark of a club for serious professionals.  Our meetings start promptly at 7 a.m. and end at 8:30 a.m. – as they have every Tuesday morning since 1957!


When asked, longtime members reply:

“It is because of the members”
“I keep improving, stay sharp and feel positive”
“I learn something from the speeches and for the camaraderie of the club”
“To keep the butterflies in my stomach flying in formation”
“The wisdom, knowledge and friendship at TM-624 is on a level above any club I have ever been involved in.”
“I joined to learn how to become a better speaker – I became a better person.”
“The integrity of the feedback”
“We are honest and respectful….no free rides”
“There is more to this club than just speaking”

We are proud, respectful and thankful for those who have come before us and created this living legacy.  We each feel responsible for maintaining this “something special” and feel an obligation to preserve and improve on it.