Our Team

Club Officers


President: Ted Harelson

Ted Harelson, President, is a retired financial advisor and member of Professional Mens Toastmasters since 2014. He first joined Toastmasters in 1998 with the goal of gaining confidence delivering public presentations. Without doubt much more than that happened. Career success through dozens of public presentations, more leadership ability and ambition, plus social relationships all directly tied to my Toastmasters experience. His 19 years of Toastmaster experience has proved something: Professional Mens Toastmasters is the premier Toastmaster club in San Diego because of the quality of the members.

Contact: president.tm624@gmail.com

VP of Education: Derek Olson

Contact: vp.education.tm624@gmail.com

VP of Public Relations: Stephen Huber

Contact: vp.public.relations.tm624@gmail.com

VP of Media Relations: Jay Bernstein

Jay Bernstein is an entrepreneur and founder of drone services and training provider Clarity Aero. Jay believes that the single greatest thing he has done for his professional career was joining Toastmasters. With the confidence he has gained from Professional Mens Toastmasters 624 he now eagerly looks forward to speaking engagements that he used to dread. “Toastmasters has given me the tools to get my message across clearly, concisely, and with confidence where I used to struggle.” Jay brings his technical skills to TM624 helping the club to embrace the use audio visual equipment and produce high quality videos of members speeches allowing them to learn even after delivering a speech to the club.

Contact: vp.media.relations.tm624@gmail.com


VP of Membership: Rick Rhoads

Rick Rhoads is a compounding pharmacist and entrepreneur. He recently came back to toastmasters after a seven year hiatus. He joined Professional Mens Toastmasters for the purpose of enhancing his presentation skills as a manager and lecturer for continuing education. Being in Toastmasters has has increased his confidence in front of an audience and improved his impromptu speaking.

Contact: vp.membership.tm624@gmail.com

Treasurer: Jacob Anagnos

Contact: treasurer.tm624@gmail.com

Secretary: Jacob Anagnos

Sergeant at Arms: Mike Norris