Board Meeting Minutes 3/7/17

The board met after the regular meeting on March 7, 2017 at 8:45. Attending were Ted Harelson, Derek Olson, Alex Toma, Stephen Huber, Jay Bernstein, Sean Deilgat, Jeff High, and Duane Trombly.

Ted asked each member of the board for a review of issues they are facing. Jeff asked what Ted’s goals are as president and he replied “grow membership by increasing the visibility of our website, maximizing club member experience, and improving the usefulness of the TM624 website.

Sean reported no issues. He said he was sick a few weeks ago and unable to make it to set-up and breakdown the meeting room/equipment. Normally he would coordinate with someone for assistance.

Stephen reported on his desire to change the software we use to manage the TM624 website thus saving money in hosting costs, and adding flexibility for easier website interaction from the board. So far he has identified a platform.

Alex reported on his desire to get every member signed up for PayPal monthly payment. Having new members sign-up for PayPal autopay was discussed but decided it was best to have new members make a bigger financial commitment of $245 rather than a monthly $67.50. He is still trying to coordinate with PayPal to determine who is dues current as well as the dues status of everyone else. A new member will be joining next week and a visitor today was very enthusiastic about joining.

Derek reported the March schedule is posted on the website. When asked by Ted he said if a member doesn’t respond to his availability email he assumes they are available for a function. Nothing else to report.

Jay reported the new microphone was used at todays meeting for the first time. He used the club projector today during his speech and had some issues but the projector is 4.0.

Jeff and Duane were on hand to add their institutional memory to the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15.