Club Experience

Your Growth – Our Club

“I joined the club to learn how to become a better speaker and really learned how to become a better person”.

This statement epitomizes the experience of our tribe. The San Diego community knows us for consistent quality of our speakers and the professionalism we cultivate. It’s a living laboratory where we continually learn from each other.

New, inexperienced speakers come into a nurturing environment where they are encouraged to stretch their limits, at their own pace, while learning from members with many years of speaking experience.

We are proud of our 50+ year reputation of quality leaders in San Diego and we are confident that we can provide growth for recent college graduates as well as seasoned members of our community.

Effective communication and leadership skills are pillars of career growth and building a respected personal brand. We maintain high standards for professionals who want to challenge themselves.

Committed to growing and learning?

This is the club for you.



Competent Leadership and Communicator Paths to the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award


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