End Of Year Wrap-Up 12/19/2017

The word is entropy; the tendency of everything in the universe to move from order to disorder. It takes the energy of the board to stop and reverse the force of entropy on every Toastmasters club and Professional Mens Toastmasters is no exception. It was my great pleasure to serve as president this year and with the help of the board, and some past presidents, move TM624 toward order and growth.

First of all we celebrated the 60th anniversary of Professional Mens Toastmasters. Only four Toastmasters clubs worldwide celebrated 60 years in existence this year. There are over 15,000 clubs today which speaks to the leadership we have had over the years. We celebrated with 35 past and present members on the patio at Bulls Smokin BBQ. Miss Santa even made an showing, ha, ha.

The life blood of club survival and growth is new members and we welcomed 11 new members this year. Beginning the year with 29 members and ending with 31, more than 33% of membership turned over! Sad to lose eight but the new energy infusion created by the 11 new members brought another milestone – participation in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest. Several years had passed since we last participated and new member Faysel Manfaa was runner-up best speaker at the Area 21 contest and Andrew Cretella won best speaker in another Area.

The year did reveal one thing in need of improvement however; this website! More specifically the lack of visibility it has to search engines. I challenge you to do a Google search for TM624 without using our name. The best I can achieve is finding it on page 3 of search results in a Yelp review. All our new members either found us on the Toastmasters International site or were brought in by a current member – thank you Robb Latimer and Mike Norris! Maybe new member Freeman Michaels can be persuaded to takeover management of this site. His software expertise is sorely needed.

New president Jeffrey Sallen was installed today with his new board of Sean Deilgat VP Ed, Steven Prescott Treas, Jerry Ollinger VP PR, Mike Norris VP Membership, and Aaron Aiken Sgt at Arms. I wish them well and hope they have as much fun as I did. ¬†They inherit a Presidents Distinguished honored club that’s energized and vibrant.

Ted Harelson, past president