Member Expectations

Professional Men’s Toastmasters 624


As professionals, we know that showing up on-time is late and showing up early is on-time.

Dress appropriately: Speakers wear a jacket and tie, members wear a jacket

Our members are engaged by

  • Regularly attending our weekly Tuesday meeting
  • Actively participating in the meetings
  • Taking initiative when they encounter communication and leadership gaps
  • Volunteering for meeting roles and leadership within the organization

Our members show respect by

  • Finding a replacement if they cannot fulfill their assigned role
  • Acknowledging differences of opinion without engaging in personal attacks
  • Keeping private/personal club discussions within the club

Our members inspire greatness by

  • Mentorship – encouraging less experienced members to stretch their limits without making them feel uncomfortable
  • Continuous improvement in speaking, listening, and leadership
  • Holding each other accountable for our actions

Club-Member Pledge