Meeting Recap 04/18/2017

The problems are much worse than you imagine. United Airlines mugging passengers, meat eaters destroying the planet, denying theories of climate science; all are responsible for catastrophe. Even so it’s possible to have a feeling of gratitude, contentment, and confidence. So said today’s five speakers. First time toastmaster Alex Toma masterfully handled the functionary shuffle and along with table topics master Robb Latimer’s UA one-liners kept the mood positive.

Guest speaker Rob Reiner had no trouble with the club A.V. curse presenting his slides and take on the film “Cowtastophy”. I couldn’t help but think of the hindu religion when it comes to cattle. Don’t eat them! According to Rob and the documentary one pound of beef consumes over 2500 gallons of water, 100 times more than a pound of chicken. “You can’t continue to eat animal products and call yourself an environmentalist”, says Rob.

Jeff Zettle shunned the lectern to give us “What It Means To Be Holy”. At age 18 Jeff became an ordained minister and now, rather than walking in the footsteps of the masters, he seeks what they sought. Jeff says anyone can be holy i.e. happy, healthy and whole. Winner Best Speaker

Brian Leslie completed the Competent Communicator manual with speech #10 Inspire Your Audience with “A New Type of War”. Brian says some in power (I wonder who?) are waging a war on science with their lack of concern about climate change. He urged us to attend the People’s Climate March this Saturday morning 10am at the county building water park. It was a treat to see how much Brian has grown as a speaker. Congratulations on finishing the CC Manual.

Mounir Lazzouni gave an impromptu speech “Gratitude”. Aged 22 Mounir quoted long time member Jack Jaynes: “Gratitude makes what we have enough”. His message resonated. Runner-up Best Speaker

Mike Norris gave us part #1 of the sales training presentation he is assembling: “The Psychology of Sales”. The most important idea in sales is that people buy from people they like. Building rapport with your prospect is item #1 in sales. One way to build rapport is to match your appearance to the situation.

Best Table Topics – Stephen Huber
Best Evaluator – Duane Trombly

Ted Harelson