Meeting Recap 04/25/2017

It never fails. Unusual because failure is everywhere. Just ask the speakers this week. Every Tuesday morning without prior coordination a synchronicity ( makes an appearance in Mission Valley . This week each speech incorporated the idea of failure; preventing it, dealing with it, examining it. Even better, first time toastmaster Sean Deilgat demonstrated how to conduct a meeting without hours of coordinating all the functionaries, leaving it up to the professionalism of the members of TM624, and it all worked! Add the table topics of Jeff Sallen and failure was not a option.

Jerry Ollinger gave part 2 of Roberts Rules of Order, the “Subsidiary Motion”. This Toastmasters International provided speech makes clear that using proper parliamentary procedure goes along way toward making a successful meeting. Frankly, Jerry made sense when he explained a subsidiary motion but now I fail to comprehend!

Jay Bernstein’s report on the book “The Lean Start Up” by Eric Ries gave entrepreneurs four tools for business success. Asking The 5 Whys will get to the ultimate issue. The Minimum Viable Product will get a product to market. Build, Measure, Learn will help improve the product and service. Pivot or Persevere will keep you in business.

When Jacob Anagnos speaks you will listen, especially when the title is “What Are You Here For?” Using the example of his terminally ill aunt Jacob was inspired to take “massive committed action if I’m going to change my life.” No life will be a failure if lived with the intention of “how would the world be different without you in it”? Winner Runner Up Best Speaker.

Faysel Manfaa gave speech #4 How To Say It, drawing us all in with “We All Know A Guy”. That guy always complains, blames, and points a finger at anything and anyone but himself for what’s wrong. We are all 99.75% genetically identical. What separates those that succeed from those that fail are the decisions we make. A master recipe for failure is a life lived without goals and plans. We are all given the same 168 hours/week. Make goals. Winner Best Speaker

Stu Gross gave us “United Airlines, WTF?” Talk about an epic fail! Stu lay out each bad decision which led to the next even worse decision in the United Airlines fiasco. It turns out that $800 was the max those employees were allowed to offer for a seat and it snowballed from there. For future UA customers the max is now $10,000 for a seat!

Best Table Topic Jeff Zettle
Best Evaluator Robb Latimer