Meeting Recap 06/13/2017

Gotham City has a strong man, Metropolis has one too. Now Professional Mens Toastmasters also has a strong man. In fact Batman and Superman could learn a few things from first time toastmaster Mounir Lazzouni’s performance on Tuesday. His organization, enthusiasm, and meeting promotion set a high bar for all future toastmasters. Mounir started early assembling all the functionaries and as a result had all rolls filled by Monday night even though five scheduled members including two speakers had to cancel. Add table topics master Brendan Sheehan’s questions inspiring long answers and this meeting was…super.

Jacob Anagnos gave speech #9 Persuade With Power, “I Thought You Knew”. Jacob is racing through the Competent Communicator manual in record time. He joined TM624 in late December 2016 and is already giving speech #9! Using the lyrics of a country song he impressed on the audience the power of being their own man. You are not your parents, your upbringing, your locale. You make choices. Make the right ones for you.

Jerry Ollinger, newly minted ATM Gold, gave a non-manual speech titled “Guns, Explosives, and Power Tools”. With a title like that Jerry knows his audience! A former Marine, Jerry related the sensations he used to get holding heavy military handheld firepower. The feelings were similar to the thrill of a jackhammer and nail gun he wielded while fixing his fence. A chainlink fence needs to be removed in my backyard. Is Jerry interested?

Jay Bernstein, the Ace of A.V., gave an instructional on the proper operation of the club’s new shotgun microphone. The hope is that the videographer each week can not only record the speakers but also take the camera chip home and upload the video to YouTube. Naturally Jay was flawless with his use of the projector and computer. We’ll see how it goes with the videographer.

Stu Gross may be the new Pope of Slope with his speech “Why I Love Golf”. Fore!! Stu teed up a ball, took a swing, and bam there it went straight at chief evaluator Stephen Huber’s head! Relax, only a plastic practice ball. Stu took a minute to explain the slope rating for judging a course difficulty and then demonstrated the use of 4 different golf clubs. Stu is often in the money when he plays in the Torrey Pines Mens Golf Club events.
Winner Runner Up Best Speaker

Mike Norris gave another portion of the program he’s creating, “The Psychology of Sales”. All of us will have to sell something at sometime and Mike presented an idea I have never heard before. Make use of the prospects name; Bill, did I pronounce that correctly? Bill, take a look at this; Bill, did you see that? Bill, you may enjoy this and so on. Liberal use of the name creates rapport with the prospect. People buy from people they like and using the name liberally subconsciously can make you likable. I’m going to try this at the next get together I attend.
Winner Best Speaker

Best Evaluator Robb Latimer
Best Table Topics Faysel Manfaa

See you next Tuesday.
Ted Harelson