Meeting Recap 06/20/2017

Words to live by from five experienced speakers any of which could have won the Best Speaker award. First time toastmaster Jacob Anagnos proved Woody Allen’s axiom “75% of success is just showing up.” Prepping for this meeting that’s exactly what he did, showed up. We’re called Professional Mens Toastmasters for a reason. Professionals get it done.

Brian Woolsey’s speech “Tommy Asks, I Answer” brought out Brian’s inner physicist. Maybe he’s been watching the National Geographic channel series “Genius” about Einstein or something. Brian tackled the theory the universe is flat. Honestly that’s about all I could understand. He did it with great aplomb though. Using the projector flawlessly!

Tim Campbell’s slice of life speech “Make A Wish” explored four keys to a successful life; wealth, happiness, wisdom, and health. In his 20’s Tim was all about creating wealth for his future. His 30’s taught him that happiness is an inside job. In his 40’s and 50’s he gained wisdom by becoming a student of life. Now in his 60’s he understands that today is probably the healthiest he will be for the rest of his life. Enjoy it, Tim!
Winner Best Speaker

Faysel Manfaa’s speech “The Mirror” was a guide to success. If you want to know what’s holding you back, look in the mirror. As an immigrant from Morocco Faysel knows the difference between an opportunity society from a no opportunity society. By pointing out the way Americans use the word loser to describe underachievers versus the word used in his native land to describe the same people, unfortunate. Being born in America is to win life’s lottery so unless you are giving back to make the opportunity society even better you are a loser.
Winner Runner Up Best Speaker

Vay Shire also gave a slice of life speech “Childhood and the Bright Knight” describing his childhood fascination with the Adam West Batman tv show. A cheerful look back at his innocence which he is now reliving with his 5 year old son as they rediscover the joys of the same Batman series. “Bam, Pow, Holy Cow Batman!”

Mike Norris gave Part Three of “The Psychology of Sales.” The first 2 parts dealt with building rapport with the prospect. In Part Three he points out that active listening is a must for anyone in sales. Just like the ah counter and grammarian at our meetings listen intently as they fulfill their rolls sales people must do the same to understand why a customer will buy.

Winner Best Evaluator Rex Downing
Winner Best Table Topic Jerry Ollinger

See you next Tuesday,
Ted Harelson