Meeting Recap 06/27/2017

Feelings and Finance.   That’s how second time visitor Aaron rightly characterized this one.  Men expressing their feelings.  Yeah, it happens.  Yin and yang.  Whether the yin of a story about Mexican orphans or the death and near death of a close friend three speakers expressed their feelings on these issues.  Add the yang of insights on finance from guest speaker Bill Aul and billionaire Sam Zell via Rex Downing and it’s an all around manly meeting. Toastmaster Jeff Zettel was as well organized as he was well dressed running a smooth meeting.  Table topics master Sean Deilgat challenged members and 4 guests to express themselves.

Rex Downing gave his “What Caused the Crash Of 2008?”  Based on his understanding of what billionaire Sam Zell said to a gathering here in San Diego, Rex termed it excess liquidity.  The Fed created to much money chasing to few suitable investments.  According to Rex the banks then lowered their lending standards and made low interest adjustable rate home mortgage loans to sub-standard borrowers.  When the teaser rate period ended and the mortgage interest rate rose many were unable to make the loan payments and lost their homes.  Unfortunately financial crashes will come again.

Robb Hailey’s “Learning From Goodbye” answered the question; What can we learn from the death of those close to us?  He recounted the lives of three different people who’s passing had a significant impact on the way Robb looks at life. As if being reborn Robb found a new gratitude for life and it’s uncertainties.  Runner Up Best Speaker

Steven Prescott gave speech #2 Organize Your Speech “A Visit To The Orphanage.”  Wanting to give back to the universe Steven got involved with a group dedicated to helping an orphanage in Mexico.  Describing his first trip to the facility Steven was moved by the actions of the children.  They had little interest in the stuff he brought.  Instead they wanted to interact with him as a grown man and roll model.  Thank you Steven is all I can say.

Bill Aul, a guest speaker, gave a wide ranging, informative, and interesting talk on the state of finance in America and San Diego.  Believe it or not San Diego has over 500 publicly traded companies ranking #5 in the U.S!  Raising money  for growth and new ideas is always a challenge especially since the federal government doubled the national debt in the past eight years.  That debt must be serviced and if treasury rates rise much from here God help us.

Jeff Sallen shared the story of his good friend and mentor who nearly died in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.  He is now in a coma after choking and passing out, collapsed and undiscovered for an unknown period of time.  Jeff’s emotional story expressed the affection he has for his friend, a man who lived life large. Winner Best Speaker

Best Evaluator  Tim Campbell

Best Table Topics  Brian Woolsey

See you on July 11, our next meeting.

Ted Harelson