Meeting Recap 07/11/2017

“Namaste motherf****rs!”   And so topics master Jeff Zettel set the tone for the day. The reverent versus the irreverent.  The divine versus the ordinary. Starting with toastmaster Jay Bernstein’s extraordinary organization this meeting had verve.  Energetic and humorous table topics, five speakers including speech #10 from the Competent Communicator Manual, 6 guests, and nearly every seat filled.  Topping it off 4 of the guests were voted into the club!

Jacob Anagnos gave speech #10 “Inspire Your Audience”.  Asking the question, “what separates the ultra successful from the ordinary?  Obsession!”  Everyone has trials and tribulations to overcome with persistence but Jacob said to reach your dreams you must be gripped with the obsession to be what you want.  He also brought 2 guests including his foster brother to inspire them and himself.  Congratulations, Jacob, for flying through the Competent Communicator manual in 7 months.  I can’t wait to see how your success unfolds from here.

Robb Latimer practiced the speech he will be giving at the next Ignite San Diego event, “Every Man Should Be a Feminist.”  There seems to be no speaking challenge Robb won’t take on.  Using 20 slides timed to change every 15 seconds Robb lay out the case for why men should be feminists including his own daughters experience at the University of California Santa Barbara. Robb continues to be the leader by example of TM624.  Winner Runner-Up Best Speaker.

Sean Deilgat gave a non-manual speech titled “From Bro-Science To Verifiable Objective Research”.  Relating his own experience as a diagnosed manic, Sean’s prescription from psychologists and psychiatrists was don’t eat junk food, don’t drink, and don’t stress.  Easier said than done.  Eventually Sean discovered yoga.  90 sessions in 90 days and his stress was nearly eliminated.   Particularly helpful was the power of breath and meditation. Sean urged us to “find the breath within the breath.”  Winner  Best Speaker.

Alex Toma gave a non-manual speech titled “50-50, How To Make A Difficult Decision.”  Using a spontaneous demonstration Alex showed how to find out what your gut or intuition is telling you.  Sometimes there are so many variables that confuse our decision making it’s hard to know what to do.  His prescription:  Flip a coin.  As the coin is in the air notice which side of the coin you hope it lands on.  That’s your decision.  No need to even look at the coin.  Your gut just made the decision for you.

Brian Woolsey gave an impromptu speech, “Why Can’t We Bridge Cultural Awareness In The Information Age”?  Decrying the use of derogatory labels that stereotype and dismiss whole groups and classes of people Brian gave several examples from his own experience.  Particularly poignant was the story of his fellow counselor who advised people who didn’t adhere to his personal deeply held religious beliefs without prejudice.

Best Evaluator Vay Shire

Best Table Topics  Faysel Manfaa.