Meeting Recap 08/08/2017

Nothing says a Toastmasters club is growing like three Ice Breaker speeches at one meeting. And believe me, Professional Mens Toastmasters is growing! 39 members and counting. Toastmaster Brendan Sheehan had the pleasure of introducing not only three of our newest members with their Ice Breakers but also two more young guns giving Competent Communicator manual speeches. Mike Norris added table topics with a Back To The Future theme and you don’t have to be psychic to see the future is bright for TM624.

Steven Prescott gave speech #4 How To Say It titled “A Journey To Engagement.” Steven described his journey to Kazakhstan with his fiancĂ© to meet her family with the intention of proposing to her. From boarding an Aeroflot plane to tipping the flight attendants to crossing the Ural mountains to absorbing the sights of the petro-capital city Astana this was quite a story. Definitely one none of us have ever experienced.

Andrew Cretella’s Ice Breaker went with the theme “things change but they only get better if I make it so.” Andrew born and raised in New York got to the point of hating life in the Big Apple. Hello San Diego! He describes himself as a type C personality. C for complacent that is. As proof Andrew mentioned he has been in a different Toastmasters club for 22 years and has only completed the CC manual. His friend Faysel Manfaa has inspired Andrew to pursue the ATM Bronze by completing 2 advanced manuals. Andrew has skills – Winner Runner-Up Best Speaker.

Young gun Sean Deilgat gave us a history lesson with “Saigon 1965.” Sean introduced us to three people no one had ever heard of but who had tremendous impact on the conduct of the Vietnam war: Konrad Keller, Leon Goure, and Maya Elliot. I love it – a millennial history buff!

Freeman Michaels’ Ice Breaker introduced a guy who wants to walk out the front door and find Burning Man – Swinging dicks, naked chicks, and rock and roll. What would you expect from a guy who was born Michael Freeman and changed his name to Freeman Michaels? How about a man who wants to promote “the complete and total freedom of every human being on the planet” that’s what. Winner Best Speaker.

Hugh Tanner’s motto in his Ice Breaker was “don’t suck at life.” After being stuck for 22 years in a marriage that simply “sucked” Hugh vowed to never be held back in life by fear. No better way to conquer the fear of public speaking than to join and speak to Professional Mens Toastmasters! Welcome to life, Hugh.

Winner Best Evaluator Robb Latimer
Winner Best Table Topics Stephen Huber

Ted Harelson
President TM624