Meeting Recap 10/03/2017

Paraphrasing Lao Tzu, the journey of a thousand speeches begins with a single contest (speech contest that is). Giving five all star members the opportunity to compete in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest, TM624 held their first speech contest in 10 years. Faysel Manfaa, Pete O’Neal, Andrew Cretella, Jeff Zettle, and Mike Norris stepped up to accept the challenge of becoming the World Champion of Public Speaking.
Additionally Stu Gross and Sean Deilgat competed in the Humorous Speech contest. The winner of each contest will move on to compete with four other speakers from Area 21 on October 28 at Coleman College. Faysel Manfaa won the International Speech Contest and Stu Gross won the Humorous Speech contest. If Faysel and Stu are unable to compete on October 28, runner-up winners Mike Norris and Sean Deilgat will compete, respectively.

Jeff Zettle gave “Why I DJ or How I Came To Love Duality.” Describing a very disappointing DJ gig and how bad he felt afterwards Jeff turned the tables by describing his DJ experience at last month’s Burning Man “trifucta” dance floor. Jeff effectively explained what he called the duality. To fully appreciate and experience epic success you must also experience failure and disappointment.

Andrew Cretella powerfully spoke about the potency of fear and how to use it. Tying the fear of public speaking into gaining the courage to move forward in life Andrew’s speech “Fear Forward.”

Faysel Manfaa’s “The American Immigrant” was a winner. Talk about strong, Faysel, born and raised in Morocco, his wealthy father told him at a young age “your shoulders are broader than mine, you are on your own”. Suddenly impoverished he managed to thrive and pursue is dream of moving to America. Sure glad he did.

Pete O’Neal is a professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter which makes him a bad ass! He also understands the value of words and how they’re said. He’s another of our dual club members being also a member of Smooth Talkers in Sorrento Valley. Pete witnessed the power of words many times when his friend Tony constantly met beautiful women and with his words and wit, got dates. With this in mind Pete’s motto became “seek the uncomfortable to be comfortable.” He also took this motto into the ring making the other guy very uncomfortable, I’m sure. In Pete’s words, “true victory is victory over one’s self.”

“Embrace Your Failures”, Never Quit from Mike Norris was a motivational monologue fit for any boardroom. Sincere and forceful Mike quoted Winston Churchill in his convincing speech.

Stu Gross’ winning speech “New York, New York” was a humorous look at commuting life on the Pennsylvania Central railway.

Ted Harelson President