Meeting Recap 18 July 2017

The song goes “roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…”  Well, it’s been anything but lazy for Professional Mens Toastmasters.  Four new members inducted today, a full house with nearly all seats taken, and five speakers.  Second time toastmaster, Brian Leslie, led a themed meeting with the theme “San Diego Beach Experience.”  Inevitably the subject of beach attire came up during table topics.  Mounir was asked when does he take off his teeshirt at the beach – to which he replied “as soon as I get out of the car so the girls can stare at me!”  The five speakers today were no less confident with their speeches.

John Iverson gave his Ice Breaker speech and right up front made sure we understood how to pronounce his name.  It’s pronounced “Eeverson.”  With that out of the way he told us how he became an Iverson instead of the name he was born with. John lived in Norway as a youngster and learned the language.  He grew up wanting to be a physicist and now he’s a neuroscientist, a change he says was easy to make.  For fun he plays the Japanese taiko drums. In fact that’s how he met his Japanese wife. Is it understatement to say John has a lot of speech material?

Jerry Palmer returned from an 8 week absence to give the speech “How I Got to Kilimanjaro.”  Jerry met Robb Latimer by way of a referral from his chiropractor.  Robb told Jerry about TM624 and his curiosity overcame his reluctance and made a visit to Professional Mens Toastmasters.  After joining he met former member Bob Schoultz whose association with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) introduced the idea of being comfortable when you’re uncomfortable.  Jerry soon was becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable wilderness and eventually climbing Kilimanjaro.  Winner Runner-up Best Speaker

Duane Trombly’s speech “Make America Great Again” presented what Duane called alternative facts.  He stated that manufacturing jobs in the U.S. peaked in 1979 at 140 million. By 1994 that number had dropped to by 40% primarily because of automation, not foreign competition and/or outsourcing.  Those jobs “aren’t coming back”, says Duane.  According to Duane some say the Rust Belt cities should just be abandoned.  Reverse homesteading.

Mike Norris gave part 5 of “The Psychology of Sales.”  Mike introduced the idea of using open ended questions when talking to a customer or prospect.  Much like a good table topics master will ask open ended questions in order to let the speaker go in any number of directions, a good question can reveal a prospects buying motivator.

Jerry Ollinger gave “The Best Vacation Ever”, an appeal to see the great National Parks in northern Arizona and southern Utah.  He even told us where and how on every day of the trip.  Frankly I’m convinced.  I’ve been wanting to take a camping trip and Jerry’s description of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks has me getting my gear together.

Winner Best Speaker

Best Table Topics  Stu Gross

Best Evaluator  Faysel Manfaa