Meeting Recap 3/14/2017

Yelp has it right. First time visitor today, Carson, said he searched Yelp for “the best Toastmasters club in San Diego” and the Yelp reply was Professional Mens Toastmasters (and one other). Maybe that’s why four new members have joined so far this year. Twenty one members and eight guests listened to Toastmaster Stephen Huber guide five speakers and related functionaries through an inspiring and informative meeting.

Faysel Manfaa’s Success expressed his ideas on what it takes to be successful. Boil it down to self education is more valuable than a formal education. “The only difference between you and a billionaire is 1200 books”.
Runner Up Best Speker

DaSean Cunningham’s Ice Breaker Self Adaptation asked the question what do you do when your surroundings send you in one direction but reality sends you in another? DaSean’s answer came in entrepreneurship. His newest venture is familiar to anyone who watches football. His return to the club promises to be gold.
Winner Best Speaker

Stu Gross gave us “Ten Best Cyber Security Methods”, following up on his last speech. In summary they were use anti-virus software, always use a firewall, keep updating software, never download free pirated software, never click on pop-ups, use caution with email attachments, share sparingly on social media, and don’t auto-join public wifi networks. Ok, I’m turning off my computer!

Ben Brodie drew from his career telling us how to Develop A Successful Media Campaign. His presentation expertise was apparent in his Power Point skills. He could have spent 10 minutes explaining the marketing funnel The take away quote: “It may sound confusing”. Maybe he can market TM624.

Jerry Ollinger received the chant “Ollinger for city council” after his speech, Convince Us. He told us to look to the City of Lancaster for a model of green community choice energy. Call your council member.

Best TT – Guest Mo Fredericks
Best Evaluator – Brian Woolsey