Meeting Recap 3/21/2017

“What’s your biggest weakness and what are you doing about it?” Or what about “if you had to wear a button with 5 words what would they be?” Those 2 interrogatives were among the deep questions first time table topics master Jacob Aganos sprung on his hapless victims. If I had to chose 5 words to describe this meeting they are “man must know his limitations”. Vintage Professional Mens Toastmaster Jeff Sallen brought class, skill, and organization to this one.

Tim Campbell’s speech “Who Ya Going To Call: Plumbing 101” told us when it comes to fixing slab leaks or old water heaters contact an experienced plumber, one with low overhead and a specialty. Replace your water heater before it fails…so says Timfucious.

Robb Latimer’s “Speak Like A World Champion” dramatically demonstrated how props and dialog add interest and impact to a speaker, turning a so so speech into a world beater. Runner Up Best Speaker

Mike Norris’ “The Power of Story Telling” related the how and why story of Mike’s journey to Toastmasters. Recognizing the need for personal growth he read The Magic of Thinking Big and Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People. Both books mentioned Toastmasters.

Jeff Zettle’s “Everyone Needs A Coach” revealed that nearly everyone at the top of their game has a coach. A good coach when used can shortcut the route to success in sports, business, and personal life.

Duane Trombly’s “Arrogance” was impromptu and emotional. He told the story of Custer at the Little Big Horn where 80 indian warriors defeated over 200 soldiers. Due to his arrogance Custer didn’t recognize the poor position he was really in. He had superior numbers and weapons but the indian warriors had superior courage. The Vietnam war had a similar theme and we know how that turned out. Winner Best Speaker

Best Table Topics Jeff High
Best Evaluator Rick Rhoads