Meeting Recap 3/28/17

Each week the momentum that is TM624 propagates a unique meeting theme.  The interaction of speeches, table topics, and attending members always creates a sublime serendipity. . Today we accidentally discovered teamwork in the midst of Spring Break.  With 17 attending members including just 3 board members, only 3 post toastees, and 3 guests it took a team effort from all present to make this an on time meeting with 5 speakers!  In spite of a board meeting scheduled for after the meeting many of the Professional Mens stalwarts and board members were absent.  No problem for VP Membership and Toastmaster, Rick Rhoads.  An impromptu speech filled the speaker no show slot, experienced table topic master, Brendan Sheehan, pitched in with efficient and entertaining table topics, and the overall vibe of all members present keeps guests coming back for more.  Imagine the vibe if all the board showed up!

Jacob Anagnos’ speech “We Do It For Mikey Campaign” was his 4th speech in the Competent Communicator manual How To Say It.  He wanted to tell us the three things a person must do to make a change; identify what it is you want, identify why you want it, and devise the strategy you will use to get what you want.  These are the steps Jacob used to honor his murdered brother, Mike, and found the Transformational Academy.  Jacob speaks with such strength and emotion it’s easy to understand the effect he has on the young men he seeks to inspire.

Robb Hailey made his return to the club after a prolonged trip to Argentina a memorable one.  His “Argentina” speech was not a travel log but rather an exposé on a strange custom in Argentina.  Here’s a hint; pack a toilet seat when you head to Argentina.  There are plenty of toilets but seats have to be shared.  That’s weird but fun, I think.

Brian Woolsey filling in on very short notice gave an impromptu speech “The Drift Toward Polarization”.  Brian contends America is headed for a dangerous division.  His explanation of The Overton Window as the range of ideas society will accept drew us in with his contention that politics has been shifting to the right over the past 20 years. He says compassion and reflection need to be a way of life.  Frankly I’m not sure I buy the political part.  Trump used to be a Democrat. So was Reagan.  The party moved away from them and many other formerly Democrat voters not the other way around.  Runner Up Best Speaker

Mike Norris nailed it with “Teamwork Part III”.  Mike delivered his third segment of the keynote speech he is developing.  The benefits of teamwork are:  Two heads are better than one, healthy competition creates enhanced performance, reduce burnout and increase retention, and more.

Faysel Manfaa stole the show with his timely speech “Immigrants and Wealth”.  Why do immigrants in America succeed at a greater rate then the native born?  He said 1 of every 3 affluent U.S. residents speak with an accent.  He quoted author Malcolm Gladwell’s observations about immigrants becoming business owners as the primary reason for their financial success.  Winner Best Speaker.

Best Table Topics Speaker – Mounir Lazzoni

Best Evaluator – Stephen Huber.