Meeting Recap 3/7/2017

Old and new, first and refreshed are words qualified to wrap-up this meeting. Tommy Mosely brought his special wit as first time toastmaster. A full house of 27 members and guests responded to Ben Brodie’s table topics. Every speech contained a personal first, and old-time past members Tom Luneau and Rex Downing dropped in along with first time visitor Yousef and future new member Andrew Deibert.

Jay Bernstein’s speech “The Wild West of Drones”, an education about what is and isn’t happening with drone regulation, was even more effective in demonstrating how to overcome digital video blackout. That’s right, Jay’s projector and computer were not operating properly i.e. “club curse”. No problem for Jay. With aplomb he kept talking, using the skill acquired as a toastmaster, simultaneously and subtlety fiddling with the components. When he did get the projector working he smoothly blended it in. His screen shot of a competing drone operators Craigslist ad was a classic: “Ariel – the guy can’t even spell aerial – I think he might be cheaper than I am.”

Jeff High’s speech “I Need A Wife” was an emotional assessment of the value of family, the challenges and stress of raising a family, and sometimes the grief that comes from family loss. A long way from his net neutrality speech.

Mounir Lazzouni used the words of Bruce Lee – “Be Like Water” to relate a biographical sketch how the phrase inspired him as a younger man. Even as he became an Adonis through lifting he had to learn the power of water: Adaptability, flexibility, persistence will overcome the brittleness of stone.

Vay Shire spoke from the Entertaining Speaking manual Telling A Story. His tale happened on June 21, 2008 and it’s the first time Vay has ever spoken about it to TM624. At 8:07 that morning Vay found himself skidding 25′ on his back down the street after being hit by a car while commuting to Coronado on his bicycle. The best speaker win was cinched when he produced the framed wristwatch he was wearing; stopped at the exact time he was hit. Winner Best Speaker

Brian Woolsey shared his love for ATT Mobile and net neutrality. Just kidding. He was having a billing issue and after much patience and frustration his letter to the ATT CEO, the FCC Commissioner finally brought enough visibility to his billing problem to get it resolved. He believes the new FCC Commissioners repeal of federal net neutrality rules will mean higher costs and less choice for consumers of bandwidth. Runner-Up Best Speaker.

Sex with goats? Bob Tauber won best table topics with his answer.

Up next week is Jeffrey Sallen as toastmaster with five excellent speakers. Looking forward to seeing you then.