Meeting Recap 4/04/2017

Today’s guest speaker, Chris Nelson, describes himself as an awakening coach.  That can mean many things but this meeting was all about awakening from the standpoint of inspired certainty.  Five speakers spoke with authority on subjects relevant to success and achieving goals.  Authoritative Toastmaster Mike Norris kept everyone wide awake, focused and on time.  Table Topics Master Faysel Manfaa’s themed questions revolved around entrepreneurial success.  Talk about inspired certainty, Faysel lives it.

Jerry Ollinger tackled a so called canned speech from the Toastmasters International Successful Club Series “Roberts Rules of Order”.  He needed to complete this speech to attain the Advanced Toastmaster Gold award and using the PowerPoint slides provided by TMI, the digital slide projector was in expert hands.  Does anything awaken a leader more than properly running a meeting?  Jerry’s speech awoke our inner leadership drive.

Jacob Anagnos gave speech #4 from the Competent Communicator Manual, How To Say It, titled “The Law of Attraction”.  Using simple and descriptive language Jacob’s authoritative demeanor invites the audience to accept that the single most important element to getting what you want is the law of attraction. “A few simple disciplines practiced everyday.”  Read, write, reflect.  Read books like The Magic of Thinking Big, 7 Habit of Highly Effective People, Think And Grow Rich.  Journal and record.  Reflect verbally in front of a mirror or camera.  No doubt this works.  Can I attract a consistent golf swing with these techniques?

Chris Nelson has 30 years of peak performance training experience and asked the question “What is your why?”  Chris exudes authority when he states that failure is just feedback and you can fail your way to success. Fear of failure is so powerful it keeps people in bad situations because at least its a known quantity.  Getting out is unknown and scary.  He mentioned the book Mindset to change the way you think of fear and failure.  Runner-up Best Speaker.

Jeff High’s “What’s With The Mobileye Effect?” explored the automotive revolution underway with self driving technology.  Is there anyone in TM624 more qualified on this subject?  No!  After explaining the Mobileye Effect he explained the idea the rate of change of technology may have exceeded the rate people can adapt to the change.

Tommy Moseley gave speech #9 from the Competent Communicator Manual Persuade With Power.  Titled “Brainwash” he urged people to be skeptical and learn to listen.  Ask “why do I believe what I believe?”  Speaking from experience and authority Tommy was a minister at one of San Diego’s largest evangelical churches and has seen what unquestioned beliefs can do.  Winner Best Speaker.

Best Table Topics  Bob tauber

Best Evaluator  Brian Woolsey