Meeting Recap 7/25/2017

It was All Pro Tuesday! Toastmaster and 43 year TM624 member, Jerry Ollinger, marked his experience by running a tight and professional meeting. Even leaving enough time to induct a new member and still end at 8:30. No mean feat with 5 speakers! Please say hello to Pete on Aug 8. Adding to the snug timing functionaries pitched in with all but 2 originally scheduled placards filled and seated. Table topics rocked bachelor party themed questions from Alex Toma. Reflecting the current dynamism of Professional Mens Toastmasters, speeches ranged from an Ice Breaker to the advanced manual Speaking To Inform. Add to all this 3 guests and 29 swinging d’s and that’s a meeting!

Hikmet Pauls gave his ice Breaker and I found it spellbinding. Born and raised in Iraq, Hikmet lived and owned a business in Bagdad on the night of Jan 17, 1991 when bombs began falling on Bagdad as Operation Desert Storm began.  Hearing and seeing Hikmet relive that night with his wife was exceptional. Assessing the situation Hikmet decided he was “not a stick floating down the river but rather an eagle flying over it all.” Now Hikmet has recreated his business here in Spring Valley with the same name – Marjon Stone – providing stone to Home Depot and IKEA among others. Winner Runner-up Best Speaker

Steven Prescott gave speech #2 in the Competent Communicator manual titled “Learn Spanish.” Steven is a fluent spanish speaker and urged the rest of us to get with it and learn the language. After all, America is named after spaniard Amerigo Vespucci. For the record he was really Italian sailing from Spain. Wonderful history though. Steven also pointed out that the United States has the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world! Learn to speak Spanish.

Stephen Huber’s “Privacy and Free Association” informed and advocated against State of California Assembly Bill 1513 which if it were law requires the full contact information of registered home care aides be provided to labor unions. Stephen argues the state already has this information and this is simply a union organizing law. Might I add a political contributions money laundering scheme?

Mounir Lazzouni was classic with “Ignorance on Fire.” Mounir brought his signature enthusiasm and classic handshake demonstration to bring his message that “ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.”  He says and lives enthusiastic action with intention is better than inaction with alacrity. Relating how he came to be succeeding at his dream job he displayed why he can be a success at whatever he does. Winner Best Speaker

Jeff Zettel gave speech #1 in the Speaking To Inform manual titled “The Modern Sales Funnel.” Simplifying the sales funnel to ads, landing page, and a call to action Jeff displayed knowledge in another of his areas of interest. He offered explanations for each part of the funnel and why they work.

Winner Table Topics Faysel Manfaa
Winner Best Evaluator Jerry Palmer

Ted Harelson, President Professional Mens Toastmasters