Meeting Recap 8/22/2017

Spontaneous human combustion describes cases of living people bursting into flame without an apparent source of ignition. Believe it or not it happens and we almost witnessed it on Tuesday!  No, there wasn’t any smoke or flame but all five speakers were on fire, en fuego my friends. For proof look no further than the impromptu email string inspired by the awesome speeches. Not only were the speakers on fire but the evaluators too. Thank you, Robb, for recruiting five female guest evaluators from 4 different clubs who got in the spirit with frank and helpful evaluations. Smoking was Paddy Lei (22 yr old from Hardhats) who won Best Evaluator giving her very first speech evaluation in Toastmasters!   Jacob Anagnos added more heat with table topics suggesting your “why” question change to a “what” question. The whole meeting kept tight by toastmaster, VPE Derek Olson. Guest Michael Lambert asked for a membership application but keeping us from combusting were some empty chairs.

Hugh Tanner gave Speech #2, “Pursue What You Love.” His open, body, and close drew me in with images of his first Kiss concert experience. That’s when Hugh (age 14) decided his goal in life was to be a rock star. He learned to play guitar and started writing songs. At age 16 his band included guys who went on to become the band Metallica. Unfortunately for Hugh, a rational financial insecurity caused him give up his dream and go a new direction. Closing the speech from the perspective of his history, his message for me was to have faith in my dreams.

Freeman Michaels also gave Speech #2 titled “Perspective.” With an opening, body, and close Freeman waded into the Charlottesville controversy endeavoring to explain and understand the motivations of the rioters. In true Burning Man spirit, Freeman urged us to understand where the rioters were coming from.

Brendan Sheehan gave a non-manual Story Telling speech, “The Irish Scam.”
“You may be the rightful heir to an Irish estate,” so said the letter Brendan read from an Irish “barrister.” Now he overcame his natural inclination to ignore such correspondence and sent some information. More and more correspondence followed with requests for increasingly personal information. Financial disaster seemed on the horizon with this scam when the “barrister” asked for banking information. What followed was exactly the opposite – Stacks of $20’s; cash from an Irish aunt who died in 1911!  Winner Best Speaker

Mike Norris gave us part 5 of, “The Psychology of Sales.”  Summing up the first four parts Mike reminded us that a successful looking, smiling, name conscious, critically listening sales person will be a successful sales person, the most lucrative profession in America according to Napoleon Hill.  Now Mike added humor to the Psychology of Sales toolbox. His demonstration of how a former Marine uses humor was perfect!

Vay Shire gave, “A Theory.” With dazzling digital projector style adding visual interest Vay explained his theory of “why things are the way they are.” Mentally distracted (as I pondered the question of how’d he do that?) I missed the why but Vay tells us what to do about it:  Be a leader, stand up for what is right!  Winner Runner-Up Best Speaker

Best Evaluator  Paddy Lei (Hardhats)

Best Table Topics

Ted Harelson President