Meeting Recap 8/29/2017

What happens when nearly half the scheduled functionaries must be replaced in a few days? A perfect meeting!  Ask any of the five guests and first time visitors today what they thought. With consummate toastmaster Tim Campbell pulling it all together, no one but the replacements had an inkling of the behind the scenes stress. Replacement Table Topics Master Robb Latimer, used his familiarity with every member to tailor table topics questions to each participant. Topping it all off we voted in a new member, Michael Lambert.  With summer coming to an end and new members joining the club, empty seats will be hard to find for the rest of the year.

New member Pete O’Neal gave his Ice Breaker.  Pete is a professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter which makes him a bad ass!  He also understands the value of words and how they’re said.  He’s another of our dual club members being also a member of Smooth Talkers in Sorrento Valley.  Pete witnessed the power of words many times when his friend Tony constantly met beautiful women and with his words and wit, got dates.  With this in mind Pete’s motto became “seek the uncomfortable to be comfortable.”  He also took this motto into the ring making the other guy very uncomfortable, I’m sure.  In Pete’s words, “true victory is victory over one’s self.”

Hikmet Pauls gave speech #2, “The Power of the Subconscious.”  Using an allegory about two brothers, Conscious and Subconscious, Hikmet told a tale relevant to all who want to succeed.  Subconscious responds to passion and imagination while Conscious finds limits and reasons.  By using techniques like meditation Hikmet said it is possible to tune into the unlimited power off the subconscious, disconnecting it from the conscious and limitations.

Faysel Manfaa gave speech #9, “The Genius Within You.”  With the goal to persuade with power, Faysel said we all have a genius within the combined rational and emotional minds.  Faysel said the media and advertisers want to separate you from your rational mind and to make decisions with the emotional mind.  Rather than facing your fears get out of that emotional state and rationally work on perfecting things that don’t scare you. Accept who you are and you may find the genius within.  Winner Runner Up Best Speaker

Brian Leslie gave a non-manual speech, “Flood, Rebuild, Repeat.”  According to Brian extreme weather is the new norm and infrastructure needs to be built and beefed up to withstand 1000 year events versus the current 100 year event standard of today. Brian explained how he is working with a small team to help California coastal cities prepare and rethink how they respond and rebuild when significant weather hits.  Very timely!

Jeff Sallen gave an impromptu speech, “Orange Fitness.”  Jeff reminded us about his speech, “Wheat Belly.”  That was a load of crap, he said!  He knows because he recently went to a nutritionist hoping to find answers to his feelings of lethargy.  She said rather than limiting your diet, eat whatever you want and get out and get your endorphins flowing.  Jeff examined his options:  Surfing…no, boxing…no, weight lifting…no, crossfit…no.  Jeff then met a woman who invited him to Orange Theory Fitness…Yes!  He found a fitness regimen that suits him perfectly.  Winner Best Speaker

Best Evaluator  Stephen Huber

Best Table Topics  Guest Jay

Ted Harelson, President