Meeting Recap 9/12/2017

Grammarian Jay Bernstein said it best today, “The stench of shit was everywhere!” Through words and deeds shit was flying today. Here’s how – The scatalogical reference was used throughout table topics as well as a speech. The word might also be used to describe some of the opinions expressed in response to Andrew Cretella’s table topics questions. Finally, toastmaster Sean Deilgat was treated like shit by many of the scheduled functionaries by not responding to his early and repeated roll confirmation requests and then by not showing up. On the plus side former member Rod Buckingham made a guest appearance and confirmed he will be attending the 60th Anniversary Party.

Rex Downing gave a speech to inform, “A New Lease on Life.” Rex recounted his misadventures in Mexico when he and his wife lived “off the grid.” ┬áIn 2011 Rex bought a lot near San Felipe in a development that promised to be sustainably self contained. He designed and built a completely solar powered home and loved it but found that most of the things the developer promised about amenities and infrastructure were untrue. After some creative marketing Rex was able to sell the home to a couple who love it.

Pete O’Neal gave speech #2 titled “The Law of Attraction.” Opening with a quote from Einstein, “Imagination is everything, it’s a preview of coming attractions” and stating that desire is the #1 thing required to attain a goal while repetition carries conviction. Driven by these ideas he recounted how he became a professional Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter. He closed with another powerful idea, “Man’s greatness is found in the power of thought.”

Brian Woolsey gave a persuade with power speech, “Three Close-ups: When Political is Personal.” Brian introduced three DACA recipients: Jose, Yulee, and Maria. His emotional rendition of their circumstances made a persuasive case for their predicament. Winner Best Speaker

Aaron Aiken gave his Icebreaker speech. Describing himself as a bit of a “shit” Aaron gave us a glimpse of how his childhood hero led him to apply and be accepted to the Naval Academy. Upon graduation his naval career took him to a couple of different ships and becoming a designated surface warfare officer. He now has his hands full as a civilian working for the Commander Naval Surface Force Pacific investigating a recent mishap.

Stu Gross gave a non-manual speech, “The Equifax Breach.” Stu gave some timely advice about what each member can do to protect themselves from the serious hacking of Equifax. Stu says watch out for phishing emails. DO NOT CLICK ON THEM! Even ones that say they’re from places like Life Lock, your bank, or credit card companies. You must sign up for identity protection and credit monitoring. Freeze your credit through the three credit agencies. Check your credit report and monitor your bank accounts. Report discrepancies. Winner Runner-up Best Speaker

Best Table Topics Tim Campbell
Best Evaluator Jerry Ollinger

Ted Harelson, President