Meeting Recap 9/19/2017

Where is everybody? 19 Sep – 19 guys here; the smallest attendance of the year. Surprisingly light attendance considering the expressive Faysel Manfaa was toastmaster. There was still plenty of noise, however. Especially with ah counter Vay Shire vigorously dropping marbles – including at least 10 on first time visitor Robert. Spontaneously, the guns of table topics master Mounir became the subject when he got around to visitor Robert and his comparable upper arms. The “gravitational force” Burning Man topic tale of Freeman Michaels defies description. Topping the day off, Michael Lambert was inducted into Professional Mens Toastmasters and then gave his Icebreaker!

New member Michael Lambert gave his Icebreaker, “What Makes A Man.” Michael gave a revealing and courageous look at his private Idaho childhood in Coeur d’Alene. Now he lives by the motto “it’s not the hand you’re dealt, it’s how you play the hand.”  With that in mind he now lives a life of “love, respect, and forgiveness.” Michael showed us the hand he’s playing now – 3 Aces!

Aaron Aiken practiced a presentation he will be giving at work, “My Bosses Bosses Boss.” We all needed a dictionary of Naval acronyms and Naval speak to understand it but that’s ok, his work audience will know exactly what he’s talking about.

Hikmet Pauls gave speech #3 “Do We Fool Ourselves With Our Accomplishments.” Getting right to the point Hikmet asked if finishing daily tasks and to do lists makes us a success? Hardly! The brain loves to find ways to avoid accomplishing the things which bring real success. Hikmet gave 5 ways to find real success. 1) Do the most important thing first. 2) Do the thing that will make all the rest fall into place. 3) Conserve your energy. 4) Put all your eggs in one basket then closely watch that basket. 5) Dream big.

Hugh Tanner also gave speech #3, “Grit.” Hugh gave a book review of the Angela Duckworth best seller, “Grit.” The book seeks to determine the predictors of future success and eventually discovered a formula: Talent + Effort = Skill but Skill + Effort = Achievement.  To achieve long term goals you must have passion and perseverance.                       Winner Runner Up Best Speaker.

Robb Latimer practiced the speech he will give in a few weeks at Ignite San Diego, “Why Men Should Be Feminists.” Speaking without the slides he will use at Ignite he made it look easy to go naked, so to speak. “When we empower women, we all win,” says Robb. Equality, respect, and freedom are rights that we all are born with, including women! Winner Best Speaker.

Best Table Topics – Freeman Michaels
Best Evaluator – Duane Trombley

Ted Harelson, President