Meeting Recap 9/26/2017

Maybe you’ve heard there’s a controversy surrounding the national anthem at football games. Everyone was standing, however, for the pledge of allegiance in the Peacock room but passions were still running high thanks to Duane’s table topics. You may have seen some of the continuing email thoughts on the subject. Returning guest, Robert, referred to Letters From A Stoic which was expanded on by Sean Deilgat via email. Toastmaster Stephen Huber ran a tight meeting in spite of some of the longish table topics. Five speeches and five excellent evaluations yielded a rarity: Faysel Manfaa won both best evaluator and best table topics!

Brian Woolsey gave a speech titled “The Scholar Effect: Your Path To A Epic Future.” Brian practiced a presentation he is developing for his students. Brian advocates the importance of life coaching because it yields retention, improved grades, and persistence. Coaches help students establish a practice and identify a purpose.

Freeman Michaels gave speech #3 “Prelude To Our Awakening.” Getting right to the point Freeman quoted the Rev Louis Farrakhan, “We are seeing the prelude to a new awakening.” He asked the question, “what would your life be like if you removed all the judgement and expectations of others but instead looked in?” Identify the confirmation bias that prevents you from understanding others.

Sean Deilgat was speaking to inform with “What Should I Eat?” Asking the audience to suggest some diets he relayed the story of Coach Sweat who urged Sean to bulk up with protein drinks which led to an embarrassing moment on the football field. Sean urged us to get a food allergy test and to avoid refined sugar. Winner Best Speaker

Jeff Zettle gave “Why I DJ or How I Came To Love Duality.” Describing a very disappointing DJ gig and how bad he felt afterwards Jeff turned the tables by describing his DJ experience at last month’s Burning Man “trifucta” dance floor. Jeff effectively explained what he called the duality. To fully appreciate and experience epic success you must also experience failure and disappointment.

Steven Prescott gave “Coaching In Business.” Steven pointed out that nearly everything in business is being outsourced except for leadership. Accounting, information technology, and even drug trials are all being done off shore. Leadership however cannot be outsourced. According to Steven the most effective companies and leaders establish a coaching culture in the work place. This leads to higher measures of performance like stock price for instance. Learned helplessness of subordinates results from command control management while leadership coaching culture leads to imaginative leaders.
Winner Runner-Up Best Speaker.

Best Table Topics Faysel Manfaa
Best Evaluator Faysel Manfaa

Ted Harelson, President