Meeting Recap Feb 7, 2017

It keeps getting better, every meeting this year that is, and a full house (and I do mean full) was on hand to hear five emotional, funny, and informative speeches. Toastmaster Vay Shire did a masterful job organizing and creating excitement and the speakers took it from there. Five guests including the former commander of Soviet forces in Kazakhstan!

Mike Norris presented the first half of a speech he intends to present to large organizations about the value of teamwork. Here’s a hint…team members must sacrifice for each other. Runner-up Best Speaker

Tommy Mosley gave us a sample of his stand-up comedy routine. Hilarious! Tommy makes light of his own background taking us on a tour of the Mosley mind. Winner Best Speaker.

Jacob Anagnos gave a strong speech about the power of grinding. Keep your eye on the prize and keep trying.

Guest speaker Kevin Moore, a former TM624 member, returned to tell us about “Bike Beyond embarking on an epic adventure this summer”. A team of 24 riders, all living with type 1 diabetes, biking from New York City to San Francisco. Bicycles people! To help him reach his goal:

Tim Campbell’s dramatic reading of a tale centered on the dangers of judgements and assumptions was stage worthy. No matter what happens it’s impossible to know; a blessing or a curse.

Topping it all off, Faysel Manfaa was inducted into Professional Mens Toastmasters, his third Toastmasters club!

Next week Jeff High is toastmaster. Don’t miss it.

Ted Harelson