Meeting Recap June 6, 2017

Ok, it’s been six weeks since the last recap. Why? Well, our website was down for over two weeks because the hosting service didn’t receive payment in response to their billing. Wow, no sense of humor! Then I went to Greece for two weeks. I made the decision to go after reading Lords of the Sea by John Hale. You see, one man,,Themistocles, through his oration convinced the Athenian governing council to invest the city’s new found silver wealth into building a navy rather than giving an annual dole to every citizen. The resulting naval security and trade financed the Golden Age of Athens. That has to qualify Themistocles as the world champion of public speaking.

This meeting was full of surprises: TM624 achieved Presidents Distinguished Award status (the highest level of achievement), an impromptu speech about Islam and terrorists from Mounir, two new members inducted, and four guests. First time toastmaster Dasean Cunningham jumped in with both feet to keep this one on track. Table topics master Vay Shire’s questions kept everyone entertained.

Brian Leslie gave speech #8 Getting Comfortable With Visual Aids titled Procrastination. Brian copped to being a procrastinator by way of a creative and funny slide show presentation. Turns out Brian has a monkey mind keeping his rational mind from thinking long term. The Panic Monster is the only thing capable of chasing the monkey away long enough to get the job done. The only thing missing was the answer: How do I stop procrastinating?

Jeff High gave us a farewell, at least for 3 months or so. I hope that’s all it is. Jeff knows things about our cyber operations no one else knows. What really got to Jeff was his young son imitating his mom one morning. Dad needs to be there.

Stephen Huber laid out the case against the minimum wage. Convincingly too. The goal of raising the minimum wage to $15/hr is a treadmill goal. Everything else just goes up in price meaning the new minimum wage doesn’t buy anymore than it does now. Stephen asks to let business owners and the market determine wages. Runner-Up Best Speaker.

Mounir Lazzouni’s impromptu speech Islam and Terrorism won Best Speaker for good reason. He jumped into the speaker slot availability expanding on a theme he began in table topics. As a muslim Mounir understanding of the religion is one of tolerance, acceptance, and peace. As far as he’s concerned terrorists acting in the name of Islam are not muslims. Mounir speaks with authority on this. Winner Best Speaker.

Best Table Topics Jeff Sallen
Best Evaluator Brian Woolsey

Ted Harelson
President TM624