Meeting Recap Nov 14, 2017

History lessons or lessons to live by, we had both this Tuesday. All five speaker either related stories and lessons from their personal history or presented a history lesson on an historic figure.  Toastmaster Jerry Palmer adeptly kept the energy flowing, coordinating five speakers, rounding up all the functionaries, and getting it all in on time. No history would be complete without club historian, Tim Campbell, weighing in by leading table topics.   With 23 members attending and no guests even the President was able to participate in TT.

Aaron Aiken gave speech #3 “Snitches Get Stitches.”  The emphasis was on the stitches as Aaron impressed on his listeners the value of the first impression.  He states that 55% of the first impression comes from your appearance.  History wouldn’t argue with that fact. Aaron asked the question, as you go out today “think about the first impression you will make.”

Andrew Cretella gave us “Lessons From The Area Contest.”  Andrew spoke in both the area Humorous Speech contest and the International Speech contest last month.  He stressed that even though he competed in the TM624 contests and failed to qualify for the area contest he competed in another club and did qualify eventually winning the area Humorous Speech contest.  He emphasized the value of props, vocal variety, and getting out of the box with movement.   Try to end each story with a message, a reward for listening.  Public speaking is a performance and performance is the missing element in public speaking, says Andrew.   Winner Runner-up Best Speaker

Rex Downing’s personal story “The First Time The Navy Tried To Kill Me.”  In college and wanting to be a Navy S.E.A.L. Rex went to a Navy conducted training for hardhat divers, step 1 in underwater demolition training.  His troubles began when he got into the malfunctioning claustrophobic dry suit and brass helmet.  Watching his comrades go through ahead of him Rex thought he knew what to expect but it didn’t help him.  Underwater with the air turned off Rex reacted based on what he had seen before.  Unfortunately that nearly drowned him!   Winner Best Speaker

Michael Lambert’s “Men Are Not Pigs, They’re Neanderthals” was full of relationship tips. He presented three actions a man can do to improve his relationships.  First, mirror your partner and confirm you heard and understand them.  Second, validate your partner by confirming and approving them.  Third, have empathy.

Stu Gross enlightened with “Origins of Trump: A Biography of Trump.”  With a focus on Trump’s early life Stu filled in the history of Fred Trump (father), how he made his money, and what President Trump did on his first job working for his father.  Stu says, “don’t blame Don, blame Fred.”  You see Donald was put to work collecting overdue rents from thousands of the senior Trumps apartment tenants.

Best Evaluator  Jerry Ollinger

Best Table Topics  Brian Woolsey

Ted Harelson  President