Weekly Meetings

Our Tuesday Toastmasters Meeting-


Communication is an evolving process composed of speaking and listening. It requires constant practice. In addition to five scheduled speakers each week, our meetings provide ample opportunity to participate.

At our club meeting, members have the opportunity to:

  • Run a meeting
  • Develop impromptu speaking skills (Table Topics)
  • Deliver prepared speeches (Five prepared speeches each week)
  • Enhance listening skills (Provide feedback to speakers-comment cards)
  • Formulating and share concise opinions (Assigned Evaluators)
  • Participate in a variety of functionary roles designed to improve listening and reporting skills

In each meeting, we maximize the opportunity for members to practice speaking to an audience. Our fun, friendly, and energetic meetings support communication and leadership development.

We strive to cultivate an environment of mutual benefit in which professional speakers can hone their skills while beginners absorb the experience and feel comfortable learning at their own pace.

Most of us started out being afraid to speak to an audience, but after a few months of membership and club support, we became at ease with the notion of speaking to groups of people.


Meeting Agenda

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