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Professional and Personal Development

The “magic” of our tribe is that people from all walks of life come together to improve their communications skills, but end up with a network of support for improving who they are as a person. The focus shifts from self-improvement to friendship and community.

 “I joined Toastmasters to become a better speaker and I learned how to be a better person”

Our diverse backgrounds and experiences define us, but our interactions with each other establish our reputation. Participating in Professional Men’s Toastmasters 624 will allow you to identify your strengths and refine your speaking and listening skills so that you can develop your personal brand.

The foundation of the Professional Men’s Toastmasters 624 learning experience is the evaluation; you will receive constructive feedback that will encourage you to improve and exceed your goals. We learn to deliver productive feedback that encourages personal growth. We want you to improve and feel comfortable pushing your limits. That is what makes our tribe great! 

“I went to a Toastmasters meeting once and a civil discourse broke out…amazing”!

We could give a laundry list of “Why You Should Join”,  but come break bread with us and learn first-hand.



Working with other people requires you to create common ground so that your audience hears your message. Public speaking and leadership demand empathy and emotional intelligence. Each day we are faced with communication challenges, whether it is coordinating your family affairs, planning to go out with friends, convincing your colleagues that you have the right approach, or selling your boss on why you need more resources to accomplish your tasks.

Your professional and personal development starts when you shift your paradigm from thinking about delivering a powerful presentation to micro-interactions with important people in your life.

Professional Men’s Toastmasters 624 is a great place to grow your confidence because our tribe encourages members to share their experiences and opinions to gain valuable feedback. We want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and beliefs and we expect our members to keep those thoughts within our club.

Organic growth in your communication and leadership skills takes time. We look forward to helping you on your journey.